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20L Tri-Handle Vertical Tanks

20L Tri-Handle Vertical Tanks:

Long Haul Brand plastic oil tanks made of HDPE Material.
Using for storage of oil, gasoline. It is our own design; we have our Patent on these tanks.
SGS Certificate will be given if you need more information. 3L, 5L, 10L, 20L, 30L, and 20 Liters vertical tanks with three handles, which similar like iron classical one.

Our Plastic Tanks are manufactured from Food Grade FDA approved Virgin Polyethylene Resin and UV Stabilized, national standard is 1 meter dropping test, we dropped it from second floor, around 10 meters high, it is stable and no breach, only scratch on the surface.

The average thickness of our tanks is about 6mm, safety what we pursued mostly. Leave it outside of house keep it in rain, sun, snow,  more than 6 months, no inflation, no leakage.

In case of car bogged, it can use as sand ladder 2 tons weight bearing.

Now they are kept in the car by USA, CANADA, AUSTRALIA, ITALY, SPAIN, RUSSIAN customers, China of course. More than 100 agents in China sell our tanks and Sand Ladders; we have one type of recovery tracks, 1.1 meters long, and 35cm width. 2.8 kilos for each one.

Reinforced Nylon material, 5 Tons weight loading, can be used in SNOW, SAND, ICE, MUD, etc. Long Haul brand sand ladders and oil tanks will give you safety and comfort and insurance.

Contact us for any further information.

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